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26 June 2019

Week Four | First Evaluation

by Rohit R Chattopadhyay

Hard to believe that the first phase of the journey has come to an end, it feels like I was preparing my proposal just a week back.
First Evaluation marks the end of one-third of the program. I hope I have performed up to the mark.

Work Progress

  1. Web Application Development

    Vital features like Caching, Search Typeahead and Sentence filtering were implemented.
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  2. GraphQL API Development

    To improve user experience, enumeration was implemented wherever there was scope.
    List of Commits

  3. Server Setup

    Our server was upgraded with more RAM and HDD space. This upgrade reduced GatsbyJS build time from 3 hours to 50 minutes. Our GraphQL API and prototype are live and are being tested.

  4. Data Generation Pipeline

    Work has commenced using INDRA. In the coming week, our focus will be to develop the basic functionalities of the pipeline.
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Any project is incomplete without great guidance. I am thankful to my mentor, Augustin Luna for keeping faith in me and constantly supporting me. He has made the journey, simple.
I am grateful to William Markuske, Systems Administrator, UCSD for the constant support.
We will start work on the Data Generation pipeline in the coming week, the scale of data is huge thus it will be a challenge to handle it in an efficient manner.

Always deliver more than expected.
~Larry Page

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