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10 July 2019

Week Six | User Feedback

by Rohit R Chattopadhyay

This week, USA celebrated its Independence Day, hence work pace was affected. The focus was on the non-mainstream works on API and Static site.

Work Progress

  1. GraphQL API

    To improve user experience, Explorer has been implemented in the GraphiQL IDE. The implementation was done following an example from its creator OneGraph.
    Minor modifications to the schema were done to incorporate the information required by GatsbyJS. The API was tested by running it over some queries to get statistics.

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  2. Static GatsbyJS site

    Journal title has been added in Details View. Dummy text has been replaced with meaningful ones.
    SSL Ceritificate for HTTPS protocol was implemented using Let’s Encrypt.

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  3. Data Generation pipeline

    As expected, this part of our project will take up our efforts as well as it will require some shrewd decisions from my mentor. I am sure he will sail the ship smoothly.

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The demo was shown to our users for their valuable feedback. In the following week, our focus will be on working on the received feedbacks also giving the data-generation pipeline a basic shape will be our priority.

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