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24 July 2019

Week Eight | Second Evaluation

by Rohit R Chattopadhyay

A few days back I was filling up my first evaluation form and now its time for the second one. Time indeed flies when you’re having fun.
Second Evaluation marks the end of two-third of the program. I hope I have performed up to the mark.

Work Progress

  1. Data Generation Pipeline

    • Rough flowchart for the pipeline and the prototype for the script was made. The script will help us to run CLULAB REACH in multiple machines simultaneously.
    • A Pull Request (indra#916) was sent to the sorgerlab/INDRA repository. This PR included more information required by our static site, in the existing Index_Card format.
  2. GraphQL API
    A major bug was raised by our users, it has been resolved.


This week I had relocated to Kolkata as my University classes have begun. As we enter into Phase III of GSoC’19, I hope that I will be able to maintain my academic as well as Open Source commitments.
Once the data-generation pipeline is set up and working, our database will be updated with the latest biomedical articles. This is a significant step for the project.

That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.
~Neil Armstrong

tags: gsoc - weekly report - coding period - second evaluation