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21 August 2019

Week Twelve | Wrapping up GSoC19

by Rohit R Chattopadhyay

Hard to believe that I am now in the Final Evaluations of the program. Probably these three months went fastest in my life.
I have learnt a lot from the program and has even increased my respect and eagerness to contribute to the Open Source Community.

Pipeline Updates

The FTP files are being processed using CLULAB/REACH processor. For the current archive file, we will process around 900,000 articles, out of which around 700,000 articles have been already processed. I expect it to take 6 days more to be at a stage where we can import them to our MongoDB database.

When I first got into technology I didn’t understand what open source was. Once I started writing software, I realized how important this would be. ~Matt Mullenweg

tags: gsoc - weekly report - coding period - third phase - final evaluation