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12 June 2019

Week Two | Deploying the Prototype

by Rohit R Chattopadhyay

The focus of the past week was to create a prototype and test it. I am thankful to my mentor, Augustin Luna for giving time and his valuable advice.
The prototype was deployed on Surge and it was tested by my mentor. Work on search was emphasized, as it a vital component of every application.

Work Progress

Developing the Web Application

Status: Prototype Deployed
The main target for this week was to deploy a working prototype using a subset of the database. For achieving this, we started working on the search functionality. After a discussion of the options available for implementing search, we chose Lunr.js due to it’s simplicity and it does not have any other dependency.

Certain suggested modifications were implemented, and a basic prototype was deployed using Surge.

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Our focus this week was to make a prototype so that we could test the capabilities of tools we are using for developing the application.
In the coming week, our focus shifts towards setting up the production database servers.

The power of Open Source is the power of the people. The people rule.
~Philippe Kahn

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